Immerse yourself in the most amazing music adventures from all over the world with virtual reality (VR). Jump in the middle of 100, 000 raging fans dancing in unison or get on stage right next to the artist and see what it’s like in first person.

Façade puts virtual reality on your iPhone.

1. Explore exciting environments.

2. Fully immerse yourself in the festival or the concert

3. Warp yourself from the field to the DJ deck back onto the dance floor

4. Kaleidoscope: Enjoy a fun stereoscopic experience

5. Virtual Reality movement tracking makes you part of the show

To fully enjoy this app, Google Cardboard viewer or a VR goggle are needed.

Supported devices: iPhone 5s, iphone 6 Plus, iphone 6, iphone 5c.

Façade is a virtual reality (VR) experience. You will see a split screen stereoscopic (3D) and immersive environment.

Do not use this app while driving or walking.

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